Thursday, 3 April 2014


From the Ursus #134, March XXV (likely written by Finngiall en Face of Wyre)

Lord Eadgar de Cockaigne took fian Ceallac cu Meallain to the full three fights before being defeated in his entry challenge at the "Turning Japanese - Quest for Spring" Event in the far reaches of Vest Yarvik., February 9.

Three more challengers were examined by their Excellencies Aedan and Caffa and found worthy. Lord Osis of the Livery, Lord Cordigan d'Arnot, and Katsu Oikawa san made their public challenges before the baron and baroness, fian Ceallac, fian Tai, and the people of Septentria.

The White Bear Fian is the Baronial fighting Order. Candidates are first examined by their Excellencies to find if they are "courteous, able at archery, proficient at song, story, chess or dance, and knowledgeable or skilled at an art or science". If they are found suitable, they may then offer challenge for entry.

Since the Fian is self-governing, the fiana (members) determine who among them will fight the best-two-of-three challenge, and the manner and style of fighting. Unsuccessful challengers may challenge again.

The White Bear Fian is charged to uphold the honor of the barony, and the honor of combat, above any other affiliation. It is modeled after the legendary fiana who guarded Ireland's shore independent of any petty king or clan.

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